Security control, information leakage, and IT operation control can be established at once. Download now and start right away!
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What Will You Get From This App?

ML Alert simplifies event detection using pipelined queries.


Increases threat detection accuracy by applying dynamic thresholds.


Proactively block data leakage and detect leak attempts.


It helps you operate IT efficiently by applying AI technology.

Who This App Is For

This app helps people who want to use Splunk, but it's too expensive to use. It also helps those who want to overcome the limitations of ElasticStack queries.

Software Developers

When a service built by a developer fails, you can quickly receive alarms and perform fault analysis.

Security Enginner

You can simultaneously analyze events from multiple equipment rather than a single alarm, and use the dynamic threshold feature to detect threats more accurately.

Get A Free Preview

If you want to try the product, you can go to the link below and subscribe to the cafe and download the program. The cafe has a system for receiving feedback along with the user manual.

About Me

I've worked as a search engine engineer, Java/Python developer, Oracle DBA, and Splunk Enginer, and I've developed the apps that I thought were essential. So I want to share this app with people who need it. Please feel free to contact me if you need any functions after using it.